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Parenting is tricky business and it's easy to get bogged down in practical tips and strategies based on other’s experiences. But maybe that isn't the right approach. Maybe your first step shouldn’t be to ask "how" but to ask "why."

There are no rules here, no inflexible series of steps that lead to perfect parenting. Instead, Shelly encourages parents to think about their unique family and why each child's needs for spiritual growth are different. She walks you through intentional questioning, focusing on building a firm foundation for lasting discipleship.

And in the end, you'll discover that God wants the same outcome you do: a child who knows Christ intimately, loves him deeply, and has a heart to serve him fully.


“I whole-heartedly agree that there is no better word to summarize what God calls parents to do than the word ‘discipleship.’ I am thankful that Shelly unpacks in detail what this practically looks like, while she reminds us that being intentional simply means being willing to be tools in the hands of the Great Discipler." Paul David Tripp, author, Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Will Radically Change Your Family

"Shelly Wildman writes with wisdom and insight that comes from years of faithful parenting. Her book is full of excellent practical ideas, but more importantly offers solid biblical reasons to direct the choices we make as parents. First Ask Why is an excellent new resource to help parents understand their role from a scriptural perspective." Melissa Kruger, editor at The Gospel Coalition and author, Walking With God in the Seasons of Motherhood

"In First Ask Why, Shelly Wildman doesn’t offer burdensome to-dos or simplistic 1-2-3 formulas; rather, she calls parents to prayerful intentionality with their children. Warmly, wryly opening her own life to readers, Shelly allows us a window into godly parenting that happens in the thick of soccer season, basketball tryouts, homework, and Sunday morning worship. Despite her many exemplary qualities, Shelly never claims to be a perfect mom—which must be why I love this book so much." Jen Pollock Michel, Award-winning author, Teach Us to Want and Keeping Place