How to Raise Strong Kids: 5 Essential Body Parts to Strengthen for Character Development


Hey friends! I'm guest posting this week at Shazzy Fitness, a Christian health and fitness website, proving that God, indeed, does have a sense of humor! No, it's not a fitness post, but a post for parents who want to build strong character in their kids. Here's the first part.


Summer, for kids, is a carefree time of going to the pool, hanging out at home, or kicking back at summer camp. As parents, it’s easy to slack off on so many things in the summer, especially hard things like the inner work of character development. But with school starting soon, it’s time to think about our kids’ back-to-school essentials, and one of the most important is their character.

Research has shown that kids who exhibit positive character traits such as love, empathy, and self-control, become adults who are happier, healthier, and more successful in their relationships and work. In almost every way, kids who exhibit strong moral character become healthier, happier adults. And we all want that, don’t we?

Mom and Dad, building strong moral characteristics in your child is your responsibility as a parent—not just for your child’s benefit, but also for your community and for the society. When we look at the bigger picture, we realize that our world will benefit from the strong moral character we build in our children today. Schools can help encourage and build upon what we’re already doing as parents, but it has to start at home.

Here are five essential body parts that must be strengthened in order for our kids to develop strong character: . . .

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