Where Are We Going? A Guest Post at Risen Motherhood

Friends, I'm so happy to be guest posting at Risen Motherhood today! I'm talking about creating a gospel-centered vision for your family, and here's just a bit of it. You can find the full post at Risen Motherhood.


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Imagine getting ready to take a family vacation with your kids. You purchase the necessary tickets. You fill your car with gas. You pack your suitcases, and when the big day arrives, you carefully buckle your kids into their seats and off you go!

But what if you forgot to tell your kids where you were going? They might be a little confused, wouldn’t they?

I’m sure that my husband and I will never win a “Parent of the Year” award, because we did just that one year—not on purpose, of course. We loaded our car with suitcases, strapped our youngest into her car seat, grabbed our airline tickets, and headed to the airport, three little girls in tow. The oldest two knew that we were headed to Arizona to visit their grandparents for Christmas, but four-year-old Julia had no clue.

About halfway to the airport, Julia, still smiling and just happy to be with us, spoke up from the back seat.

“Hey guys? Where are we going?”

The rest of us burst out laughing! How had Julia missed the memo? This wasn’t a small trip, after all.

We’ve laughed about that incident for years, but in reality, my husband and I had missed the mark—we had not prepared everyone for the journey.

Sadly, many parents do this on a much larger scale, and it’s not just a trip that’s miscommunicated. Often, parents forget to communicate where they’re going as a family, which leaves kids confused and misguided about the family’s purpose.

The most effective parents I know are those who communicate a vision to their kids—those who say, “This is who we are. This is who we follow. And this is where we’re going.” These are parents who take into account the unique giftings, talents, and challenges within their family and work together toward God’s purpose for their family.

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